Dr. Jatinder Singh Mann

Dr. Jatinder Singh Mann is an eminent general practitioner based in Fairfax, Virginia with over 25 years of practise in the medical profession. He is the President and Medical Director of Potomac Medical Center and Lakeridge Medical Center.

A pioneer as well as a successful medical entrepreneur in his field, he is currently owns and operates four Urgent Care Clinics. Prior to this Dr. Mann ran a successful private practice in Washington D.C.

Dr. Mann did his Internal Medicine residency in the U.S.A. following postgraduate medical training and work in England. He graduated from the Government Medical College, Amritsar in 1975.

As a philanthropist Dr. Mann is a lifetime donor to charities like the local gurudwara and Amnesty International. He makes contributions to needy nursing students at a Nursing School in Amritsar. He also funds needy and promising students in Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi. His total lifetime contributions to charitable causes are in excess of $250,000.

Dr. Mann also owns and operates multiple companies primarily in the real estate arena.

Dr. Mann is the Executive Officer of the Amritsar Medical College Association of America and very actively involved with the Indian community in the United States.

Dr. Mann's lifetime vision is to establish a comprehensive educational institution in the Punjab devoted to academic and ethical excellence, producing professionals and intellectuals who will be a force for the eradication of poverty and corruption. Once the formula is perfected, he aims to spread the model nationwide.